Screenwriters, the new mujahideen

While we're talking about the power of the hardline pro-Israel lobby (I say "hardline" to distinguish these rogues from responsible friends of Israel who sincerely strive to accomodate the needs and rights of Palestinians), let's talk about its most powerful arm.  No, not AIPAC.  Not Alan Dershowitz.  Hollywood.  This isn't an anti-Semitic conspiracy rant.  It's a matter of fact observation about the way Hollywood consistently frames stories involving Muslims … [Read more...]

Abbu finally gets to feed baby

[This is a repost.  It occurred to me that my previous title, "Abbu gets to finally get some of the nursing action", could be misconstrued. Sorry about that...] Well, a bleary eyed Ammi finally allowed Abbu to break out the bottle and feed Raihana Friday night.  It was masha'Allah a wonderful experience. Not only was it an incredible relief to actually be able to do something when little Raihana's wails of hunger reached a thunderous roar, but the sight of her looking up at … [Read more...]

The tangled web Muslims weave

There are so many things I keep wanting to blog about when I get a spare moment, but the absurd workload at my current gig--at the moment I'm trapped in the belly of a surreal disorganized,  understaffed, and high-pressure government technology project in downtown DC; it's no fun to be a requirements analyst in an organization that has zero internal communication other than criticism for when you fail to read people's minds--combined with the domestic chaos of having a newborn has clipped … [Read more...]

Life imitates satire in Iran (repost)

This just in from The Onion:TEHRAN—As the [...] election approaches, hard-line conservative religious radicals and fundamentalist Islamic extremists are stepping up their disparate campaigns. "It's up to the people: Does the future of Iran lie in the hands of the far-right extremists or the far-far-right radicals?" said Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, head of the hard-line Guardian Council that recently banned thousands of moderate candidates from the election. "Will the old-school c … [Read more...]

Christian bloodfeuds in the Balkans (repost)

[I goofed and left out the link to The Guardian article in question, so I'm reposting it with the correct link included.]The latest dispatch from the Most-Muslim-problems-aren't-uniquely-Muslim Department: This 1998 article in The Guardian discusses the prevalence among Albanian Christians of Lex Talionis-style tribal justice.  Such ugly vendettas and blood feuds often are sometimes wrongly associated with Islam by observers. [HT: Justin Raimondo of]  … [Read more...]

Meen Irhabi? (“Who’s the terrorist?”) & hip-hop

Thanks to Zahir's link to a Palestinian rap site, I came across the the group Dam ("blood" in Arabic) and their thought-provoking anthem, "Meen Irhabi?" (Who's the terrorist?).  To watch it, click the link at the bottom of this page (the video helpfully includes English subtitles). Given its origins as a voice for the downtrodden and marginalized and the fact that young people everywhere are basically forced to see the world through American eyes, it should come as … [Read more...]

GK Chesterton on rationality

A bon mot from G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy (which I've been listening to, since it's conveniently available in MP3 format) concerning scriptural interpretation and rationalism:"Everywhere we see that men do not go mad by dreaming.  Critics are much madder than poets.  [...]  Though Saint John the Evangelist saw many strange monsters in his vision, he saw no creature so wild as one of his own commentators." Many Muslims would take this observation as a witty vindication … [Read more...]

Shabana on “Literalistic Wahhabistic Sufism”

I see that while I've been blogging about dancing aliens and even surreal social problems (namely, the mistreatment of domestics by imaginary cartoon characters), Shabana's obviously been having Deep Thoughts.  Check out her thought-provoking post on "Literalistic Wahhabistic Sufism".    … [Read more...]