Prayer for New Beginnings

Prayer for New Beginnings October 5, 2013


There is something new laying in front of me and God, I just want to say I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for the past and everything that I have experienced because it has paved the way for me to enter into this new thing.

Help me to always remember what it took for me to get here.
And with that knowledge, may I be ever mindful to appreciate this new thing.
Let me be diligent and attend to this new opportunity with the care it deserves.

Bless this and bring fruitfulness to this season.
May others be blessed because of this new thing happening in my world.
Help me to be of service to others in new ways.

God, continue to be glorified in my life.
Use me as a vessel to show what love and grace look like to others because of what you are doing in me.

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