Video: Lesley Hazleton on How Doubt is Essential to Faith

By LesleyHazleton

From time to time Altmuslim likes to feature interesting videos exploring Islam, Muslims and interfaith discussions. This recent TED video from Lesley Hazleton, who wrote The First Muslim (a biography of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and who blogs at the Accidental Theologist, caught our eye. 

For an agnostic Jew like myself, writing a biography of Muhammad might be considered an act of pure chutzpah.  Yet exploring his life has led me places I never imagined going –including the TEDGlobal stage in Edinburgh earlier this month, where I talked about his struggle with doubt.  Doubt is essential to faith, I argued.  Without doubt, faith is reduced to the unthinking, inhuman conviction of militant fundamentalism — a travesty of everything Muhammad himself advocated.  Here’s the video, just released:


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