Reflections: Lessons from a Medina graveyard

If we work on making every prayer count as if it’s our last and set aside time from our busy schedules, to unwind the thoughts and worries entangled in our minds, we may become better humans and will indeed have a greater chance of living with peace [Read more…]

Jews & Muslims in America: More in common than we think

A new Gallup poll shows that American Muslims and Jews – in addition to having a shared religious minority experience – share a great deal of political and social views, as well as a deeper than expected affinity. [Read more…]

David Yerushalmi: An antidote to the anti-shariah movement

David Yerushalmi’s well documented efforts to establish an anti-shariah movement in the United States betrays the reality of what shariah is and how Muslims in America and around the world interpret it. [Read more…]

Extremism: Talking about religion after Norway

Talking about religion after Norway means not letting fear define what faith is all about. Deliberate attempts to understand religion, uncomfortable as it may be, must be part of the path forward. [Read more…]

Ramadan: A month of longing

The struggle to control one’s Id, to master one’s anger and pride, to learn humility and to recognize the insignificance of the self in comparison to the awesome majesty of God, are qualities very difficult to muster. It is not easy to become one with God in one month. [Read more…]

Norway attacks: The price of fear

How many more cases of angry responses to fear-mongering and Islamophobia must happen before we recognise its consistently deadly consequences? Preaching hatred, racism and bigotry leads to violence. At some point, someone will take action. [Read more…]