Cartoon controversy: Déjá vu all over again?

Just as Medieval Europe created fear-fantasies about Jews, “Christ-killers” who apparently ate children, so too did they produce a miasma of animus directed toward the Prophet Muhammad [Read more…]

Book "Blindness": Chronicling an epidemic of blindness

Jose Saramago’s “Blindness” makes use of the allegory of God, the All-Seeing, guiding people to what they cannot see. [Read more…]

Remembrance: On the passing of Martin Lings

As I put down Martin Lings’ book, I made a short prayer that God bless this man. The next day, I learned of his passing. [Read more…]

Urban Art: Images, the Quran, and “Our Lady of the Underpass”

It is true that religion does not fare well when confined to an abstraction. We are charged to believe in the Unseen, not the unfelt. [Read more…]

Short Fiction: Tribute to the last aisle

How does one speak when invisible firmaments are collapsing all around him, when the paradigms and structures that once made our deeds seem so righteous implode? [Read more…]