Salman Taseer: Shot down for opposing the religious right

Few Pakistani politicians have had the courage to oppose blasphemy laws so openly and brazenly as Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who was assassinated this week by a member of his own security detail for his political stance. [Read more…]

Race: Reckless stereotyping by those who know little

All people, including Muslims, should be allowed to define themselves, not have a two-dimensional group identity forced upon them. We are all complex beings with layers of identity, and those who deny such reality are often engaging in their own form of correctness to further a distinctly political agenda. [Read more…]

Fear of Muslims: Muslim-phobia has gone beyond a joke

Muslims know of Muhammad as a man who happily forgave the men and women who murdered his followers, even the woman who chewed the liver of his uncle slain on the battlefield. So why are ludicrous threats taken so seriously. [Read more…]

Book "Stranger to History": An ambitious cultural journey loses its way

Aatish Taseer’s book, “Stranger to History,” covers detailed portraits of scenery from his travels in Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, but limits encounters only with people to the devout and chauvinistic or the irreligious and resentful. [Read more…]

Iran Elections: Repressive Islamic rule loses its lustre

Iranian Muslim youth aren’t the only ones disillusioned with theocratic politics. Many young Muslims in the West like myself, once attracted to political Islam, have now become disillusioned by it. At the same time, we feel disenchanted with Western attempts to manipulate it, then demonise it when it suits. [Read more…]

Clash of civilizations: The great faction fiction

Neither the West nor Islam can be seen as a cultural monolith. Those of us sitting on the fence should never have to choose between one or the other. [Read more…]