Tyson Foods controversy: The death of good intentions

The decision by Tyson Foods and its unions to replace Labor Day with Eid-ul-Fitr in its holiday schedule – pitting Islam against America – was doomed from the start. As a result, the perception of coercing Islam on society will continue. [Read more…]

US Immigration: The detention & murder of Hassiba Belbachir

On March 17, 2005, 28 year-old Hassiba Belbachir died mysteriously at the McHenry County Jail while in the custody of the US Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. [Read more…]

Prejudice: Thank you, Rev. Creight Lovelace!

I am thankful for Rev. Lovelace’s incendiary words because they help bring to light the steadily growing Islamophobia in the United States. [Read more…]

Genocide in Rwanda: What would I have done?

Am I a Paul Rusesabagina? If I were in Paul Rusesabagina’s shoes in 1994 would I have been able to do what he did? [Read more…]

Movie "Kingdom of Heaven": One Muslim’s perspective of “Kingdom Of Heaven”

If Ridley Scott’s movie “Kingdom of Heaven” stimulates Americans’ intellect then it is worth the price of a few ruffled feathers. [Read more…]

Book "Standing Alone in Mecca": Fighting second-class status

Ms. Nomani’s methods may not be the least intrusive means of dealing with these problems, but they certainly are very promising. [Read more…]