Libyan revolution: Dear Muammar, you blew it

It’s time to call it quits. The exiles want to return. They want to see their families. They want to breath Libyan air, and touch Libyan soil. The people of Libya want the one thing you have denied them since 1969: they want their dignity back. [Read more…]

Revolution in Tunisia: 10 lessons from our Tunisian brothers & sisters

The Tunisians, in shaking off a long-standing dictator on January 21, 2011, have inspired the downtrodden and hopeless well beyond their borders. The photograph above shows Egyptians applying the Tunisian lessons, just one week later. We can learn a lot from their experiences. [Read more…]

Year in review: The top ten good news stories of 2008

The year 2008 has brought with it stories from the Muslim world both good and bad. Being the optimistic types, we now present you with the good ones. [Read more…]

US Elections: A sartorial smear

With a simple photo in traditional African garb, an uneasy instinct has emerged to frame Barack Obama in ways that speak to middle America’s deepest racial, religious, and cultural fears. [Read more…]

Year in review: The top ten good news stories of 2007

Though clouds gather, we must search for silver linings. They are always present and apparent to the optimist and the wisdom-seeker, as surely as springtime buds emerging from winter’s cold bareness. [Read more…]

A response to Rand: Building moderate American networks

With the release of the Rand Corporation’s report that defines “Moderate Muslims”, we now have an opportunity to define “Moderate Americans”. [Read more…]