Religion & politics: From Iowa to Cairo

While public policy may reflect the values of the citizenry, it should not be promulgated in the name of any one religion. Even when religious values inform a certain policy, the primary reason for enacting public policy must be secular. [Read more…]

Poll analysis: Taking stock of Muslims in America

To win the hearts and minds of their fellow Americans, Muslims must spend more time not only educating others about their faith but also increase their commitment to endeavors that promote the common good. [Read more…]

Muslim identity: How Islamic is “Islamic”?

Islam cannot be of service to all humanity if Muslims confine discussions about Islam to issues related to identity only. Instead of being separate but equal, Muslims should integrate without assimilating. How can we know each other if we use identity to seclude us? [Read more…]

Demise of bin Laden: Memo to Osama bin Laden

We are hopeful that your demise will bring some measure of comfort to all the families who have to contend daily with the loss of their loved ones. We are also hopeful that your departure provides renewed opportunities for building stronger bridges of understanding across faiths and cultures. [Read more…]

Libya revolts: A convergence of interests and values

As Western military objectives align with Arab/Muslim public opinion in the case of Libya, there is an opportunity to examine ways to create a permanent positive change in relations. [Read more…]

Lara Logan assault: Abuse of women is sadly endemic

Amidst all the euphoria about Egypt’s peaceful revolution, the news of CBS news reporter Lara Logan being sexually assaulted fell like a ton of bricks. The people of Egypt, especially its youth, have been such an inspiration that any hint of deviant behavior understandably elicits gasps and should provoke soul searching. [Read more…]