Economics: Is Islamic finance a solution?

Islamic finance has a role to play in the world of finance. But to do so, innovations based on Shariah-arbitrage should be de-emphasized and a more holistic vision should be developed that will resonate with all people of conscience, not just Muslims. [Read more…]

Homegrown radicals: Complacency is not an option

The American Muslim community should not brush aside facts by either taking a defensive posture or by being apologetic. The better path is to conduct honest soul searching and enact proactive measures that can avoid such attention grabbing headlines in the first place. [Read more…]

Semantics: Let God be God

Many Muslims erroneously believe they have monopoly over the use of the word Allah, asserting that the Christian God is different from the Muslim God. And yet, normative Islam insists that there is “No God but God,” meaning there cannot be a God for Christians and a different God for Muslims. [Read more…]

Discrimination: India’s invisible minority

Persistent religious discrimination against Muslims and recurring communal violence have marred India’s ideals and values. As the Sachar Report illustrates, the issue of Muslim empowerment is not so much about the Muslim community as it is about India’s future [Read more…]

Muslims in America: More Americans empathizing with Muslims

A change in attitude towards Islam and Muslims in America is undoubtedly the result of more American Muslims making the effort to reach out to their neighbors and explaining away the misunderstandings about their faith. [Read more…]

Obama's Turkey visit: Waiting to exhale

To get the Muslim world right, President Obama will first have to get Turkey right. President Obama needs to prod European allies to welcome Turkey into the European Union, giving Turkey a more effective platform to act as a bridge between America, Europe and the Muslim world. [Read more…]