Book "Journey into America": Victims and victimisers

Professor Akbar Ahmed’s evocatively written new book Journey into America: The challenge of Islam asks whether Muslims and Muslim Americans belong in the ummah only when it is victimised and not when it victimises. [Read more…]

American Muslims: Lost and leaderless

During the past year alone, many unfortunate opportunities have thrown up questions about the intentions of the Muslim next door, a situation complicated by the inability of the American Muslim leadership to accept its immigrant dimension. [Read more…]

Book: "Stones into Schools": The fourth cup of tea

Greg Mortenson, whose Three Cups of Tea sold 3.6 million copies, has written a sequel titled Stones into Schools, which continues to narrate his ongoing efforts to build schools in rural Pakistan. [Read more…]

Religion and politics: The other Jewish lobby

The success of J Street and the presence of Jewish Americans working to monitor the fairness of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s trial show that views of Jewish Americans as a homogenous identity are erroneous. [Read more…]

The Burj Khalifa: Behind the glitz

The very dynamics of the architecture of the tallest towers and their historical symbolism suggest acts of defiance. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, now the world’s tallest building, takes the act of rebellion against physical limitations to new levels — literally. [Read more…]

Radicalization: Climate of suspicion

As the fever for establishing a connection between AfPak and American security rises with the recent arrests of Americans in Pakistan, American Muslims must contend with the burden of increased scrutiny and a tragic political silencing. [Read more…]