Reviving feminism: Making a needed connection

Feminists have remained silent and unwilling to make the connection between exhibitionism of flesh and subjugation of flesh, a commonality that should be a rallying cry. [Read more...]

Women's rights: The perpetual minors

The Saudi veil of piety hides behind it a monarchical state with little respect for the dignity and equality of all human beings so firmly advocated by Islam. [Read more...]

Iran Elections: A worn out utopia

In evaluating the course of Iran’s path since the 1979 revolution, one must ask why a revolutionary force has became as administratively inept, increasingly repressive and suspicious of dissent as the order against which it mobilised? [Read more...]

Women in politics: The women on top

Feminists should not hold real examples of female leadership, such as the late Benazir Bhutto and Hillary Clinton, to a stricter standard than that applied to men who have the same aspirations [Read more...]

Bhutto assassination: Rafia’s Karachi diary, part II

Three days have passed since the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on December 27th, 2007. It is now the last few days of the year and the future of Pakistan seems increasingly in disarray. [Read more...]

Bhutto assassination: Mourning an icon

Even though Benazir Bhutto was helped along by the political legacy of her father, her continued commitment to democratic politics and to the women of Pakistan demonstrated that silence and submission are not the only choices for Pakistani women. [Read more...]

Bhutto assassination: Rafia’s Karachi diary, part I

Benazir Bhutto was buried yesterday in her home village of Naushero Feroze but the situation here in Karachi continues to remain tense. There is something quite eerie and chilling when a city of 16 million which stays alive late into the night comes to a standstill. [Read more...]

Karachi suicide attacks: Not the same Pakistan

Violence and death are no strangers to Karachi. Yet, this act, come as it did at a time when national reconciliation is on the table, suggests the re-aligning of Pakistani politics along a paradigm different from in the past. [Read more...]

Book “Banat al Riyadh": The subterranean life

Is Western feminism is truly applicable to women in Muslim countries? Raja Alsanea’s book “Banat al Riyadh” (Girls of Riyadh) explores this issue through the eyes of four Saudi women. [Read more...]

Labor & Economy: The tower that slaves built

Skyscrapers and fancy malls exist all around the world, but the Gulf States are unique in creating a system of labour exploitation where workers are treated as mere chattel. [Read more...]