Movie "The Mosque in Morgantown": Pushing the envelope without breaking it

Asra Nomani, deserves credit for bringing light to the issue of gender inequity in American mosques. But since there is widespread agreement among Muslim leaders for the need for change, is Nomani’s approach the best way to create it? [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 032

Muslim writers everywhere! We speak about the new wave of Western Muslim literature and interview two authors with recently released books. Our own Irfan Yusuf talks about his memoir, Once Were Radicals and Reza Aslan tells us more about his second book, How to Win a Cosmic War [Read more…]

Author Reza Aslan: “We are fighting a war of the imagination”

For much of the past decade we have been fighting a “cosmic war” under the guise of a “war on terror,” according to author Reza Aslan. In it, there lies a never-ending battle between almost mythical forces of “good” and “evil,” skewing real-life history with a fantasy element with no practical resolution. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 031

Oh, Bama! What does the election of Barack Obama mean for American Muslims, who were both courted and shunned during a long campaign? We speak with American Muslim Democratic activists who were gathered in Washington for the historic inauguration. [Read more…]

Election 2008: The surprise effect of anti-Muslim rhetoric in this year’s elections

Despite the extent of anti-Muslim rhetoric in Election 2008, candidates who embraced these methods failed to get elected and Muslim-Americans were galvanized to take control of their own political destiny. [Read more…]

Assalamu Aleikum, Mr. President: The third time’s a charm

As everyday Muslim-Americans take their political destiny into their own hands, they find a degree of success that wasn’t possible with top-down organizing. [Read more…]