Terrorism: The Pakistani monster

Neither the leaders of the US nor Pakistan have ever sincerely committed resources to empowering Pakistan’s electorate, building infrastructure or creating sustainable social, economic and political reform programs, leading in part to today’s chaos. [Read more…]

Islamism: Is political Islam a threat to the West?

As with any political ideology, the threat or benefit of political Islam is ultimately derived from its adherents, who must use it for moderate self-determination rather than an agent of intolerance. [Read more…]

Assalamu aleikum, Mr. President: On inauguration day

The promise by President-elect Barack Obama to bridge the gap of understanding between America and the Muslim world has not yet lived up to expectations. On January 20th, there is an opportunity for a new beginning. [Read more…]

Movie "Waltz with Bashir": A waltz with injustice

A sobering and imaginative Israeli film Waltz with Bashir artfully documents the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres that should have left a lasting impression. Current events show how a film like this is needed. [Read more…]

Civil liberties: Better safe than free?

Even though air travel regulations have ensured a strengthened defense program, prejudicial measures targeting “brown” Americans not only placate and inflame our basest paranoid fears, they are also ineffective and inefficient. [Read more…]

Gaza military strikes: Business as usual

In supporting the Israeli bombing of Gaza while ignoring events older than last week, we risk squandering yet another precious opportunity to remedy the Palestinian human rights crisis. [Read more…]