Entrepreneur Adnan Durrani: “Our mission is to restore the sacredness of food”

Adnan Durrani, the “Chief Halal Officer” of new food manufacturer American Halal saw a market opportunity with more discerning Muslim consumers, and his line of Saffron Road-branded halal ready meals found success in the upscale Whole Foods Market chain. We speak to him to find out why. [Read more…]

Movie "Fordson": Faith, fasting, and football

With an epic reach, a new documentary looks at the lives of four high school football players at Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan, to see how they reconcile their Arab backgrounds, their love for football, and the demands of Ramadan. The result is an eye-opener for every American. [Read more…]

30 Mosques, 30 States: In search of Muslim America

This Ramadan, Bassam Tariq and Aman Ali expand on last year’s exploration of 30 mosques in New York City with an ambitious drive across 30 states to visit 30 unique mosques, uncovering a diversity and dynamism that surprises us all. [Read more…]

Humor: Are pork rinds halal?

A funny video that crossed our path (anonymously, of course) recently asks the age old question that has crossed the mind of many a Muslim shopkeeper in the West. Are pork rinds halal? Kosher? All of the above? [Read more…]

Gaza flotilla: Israel’s unwinnable war

Israel’s reaction to the Gaza flotilla lays bare the lie of an evacuated Gaza, and shows that although non-violent resistance to Israel provokes violent reactions, non-violent resistance is working [Read more…]

Al Jazeera English interview: A look at Islam in Hollywood

Along with author and screenwriter Kamran Pasha, Editor-in-chief Shahed Amanullah spoke to Al Jazeera’s Riz Khan about a new $150 million remake of The Message (a dramatized story of the Prophet Muhammad) and how Islam and Hollywood intersect. [Read more…]