Book "Children of Dust": A portrait of the blogger as a young immigrant

Longtime blogger and contributor to altmuslim, Ali Eteraz, has released his first book Children of Dust, a memoir of his life growing up in Pakistan and America’s Bible Belt. Here, he tells us more about the experiences that led to its publication. [Read more…]

Awards for women and blogs: Nominations, please!

It’s award time again and we have two to remind you of – the sixth annual Brass Crescent Awards (nominations close October 21st) and the European Muslim Women of Influence 2010 (nominations close November 15). Help out by entering nominations today! [Read more…]

Uighur crisis: A call to protect religious freedom

Many have said that Muslims are curiously quiet when it comes to speaking out about the injustices suffered by the Uighur Muslims of Western China. A group of American Muslims, including us, have taken action to make sure that impression does not continue. [Read more…]

Radical Middle Way Event: Wired warriors in London

We participated in “Divan 2.0 – Wired Warriors For The Soul of Islam,” a Question Time style debate over the future of the Muslim Internet sponsored by the Radical Middle Way, was held at the London School of Economics in London, England on May 22, 2009. [Read more…]

British parliamentary candidate Osama Saeed: Muslims in Europe: The Scottish example

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has a new candidate for British Parliament from one of its key districts in Glasgow – activist Osama Saeed. But what’s a young Glaswegian Muslim doing running with a nationalist party in Europe? We speak to Saeed to find out. [Read more…]

Obituary: Michael Jackson: The way he made us feel

Like him or not, Michael Jackson, who passed away this week at 50, had an intriguing and tangential relationship to Islam in addition to his many controversies. Nevertheless, he was loved by millions of Muslims for his music and talent. [Read more…]