: “Poverty of Dignity” - The Core of Muslim Rage

Thomas Friedman has had much to say about the Muslim world since September 11th. His observations have led him to offer some constructive criticism to the Muslim world about “healing their own rage.” Whenever a western journalist starts telling Muslims what they’re doing wrong, people usually start to wince. But Friedman is no Daniel Pipes – he has had a long history of sympathy and understanding of the Muslim world, particularly with the Arab-Israeli conflict. Which, in fact, is part... Read more

: Collector Of Islamic Jewels Bridges Cultures

<img src=" ” border=”0″> With the world focused on the ugliness that exists in the Muslim world, a few individuals are making efforts to show the beauty of Islam as reflected in its artistic heritage. Sheikha Hussah and her husband have spent the last 30 years purchasing more than 20,000 pieces of Islamic art, which is now touring the world. The exhibition was to open at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art the month after the September 11th attacks. Realizing... Read more

: Terrorists Under the Bed

Steven Emerson, the self-styled terrorism expert, has enjoyed quite a rebound since Sept. 11. Best known for his 1994 Frontline film “Jihad in America,” which painted an ominous picture of Muslim terrorists and terrorist sympathizers lurking in the United States, Emerson has always been highly controversial. His defenders see him as a voice crying in the wilderness; critics accuse him of being a propagandistic crank. After he went on TV to suggest, immediately after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings, that... Read more

: With Friends Like These: Is Joerg Haider an Arab?

Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider claims descent from Arabic immigrants and is considering converting to Islam, according to Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi’s son Seif-al-Islam. “He’s Arabic, he’s of Arabic origin. His family came from Andalucia 400 years ago or more, and then they converted to Christianity. They’re Arabs. He told me the story,” the Libyan cultural envoy claimed to journalists in Paris on Wednesday. Why the Libyan leader’s son is privy to such information is still unclear (Oh, Seif? Will... Read more

: Israelis bars construction of Nazareth mosque

A long-running controversy hit another milestone when Israel banned the construction of a mosque by Arab Israelis in Nazareth. The mosque has split Palestinians in Israel along religious lines because it is located very close to the Basilica of the Annunciation, built on the site where Jesus spent his childhood. Why might this be a good thing? Intra-Palestinian squabbling delays any resolution in Israeli/Palestinian issues, and Muslim insistence on building the mosque provoked a strong Christian backlash going all the... Read more

: Jesus Christ: Same Name, Different Face

A new book, “The Muslim Jesus,” analyzes a millennium’s worth of sayings and stories of Jesus drawn from Islamic literature. The title may seem paradoxical for people not accustomed to thinking of Jesus in Muslim contexts. But Tarif Khalidi, Sir Thomas Adams professor of Arabic and director of the Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at King’s College, Cambridge, proves to be an expert guide to this wealth of material. As a result, “The Muslim Jesus” is a book... Read more

: Women Denounce Muslim Stereotypes

A world conference on Islam and women, held in the historic Spanish city of Corboba, produced some interesting and controversial reminders of Islam’s Moorish past and turbulent present. Women delegates said they were tired of being portrayed as timid and downtrodden and said the decision to wear hijab was often portrayed as a central focus when in reality there were many other subjects of concern to them. Controversy arose when a group of 20 delegates, men and women, insisted on... Read more

: Alliance Between Al-Qaida and Neo-Nazis Alleged

The ambiguously-named Southern Poverty Law Center has been trying to link Muslims to white supremacist groups for a number of years in order to convince Americans that Muslims are against them. Despite the complete lack of any evidence whatsoever, the AJC takes the center’s words without question and provides them a forum to foment hate against Muslims. A meeting between Elijah Muhammad and an American Nazi leader in 1961 is offered as proof that “leaders of white and nonwhite extremist... Read more

: More Protests Target Firings of Muslims at Macy’s

About 150 people held a raucous protest last week outside Macy’s at a California mall, demanding the store rehire two women whom they say were fired simply for being Muslim in a post-9/11 world. Macy’s spokeswoman Rina Neiman said the firings of sales clerks Alia Atawneh and Hiam Yassine were “completely unrelated and have nothing to do with discrimination,” claiming instead that Atawneh remarked that America “deserved” the Sept. 11th attacks (she denies saying or believing that) and that Yassine... Read more

: 72 White Raisins?&nbsp; Reinterpreting the Qur’an’s Origins

<img src=" ” border=”0″> If you don’t believe in the divine origin of the Qur’an, you’ve got to believe it came from somewhere. This impetus is leading a few Western scholars of Islam to quietly investigate the origins of the Qur’an, offering radically new theories about the text’s meaning and the rise of Islam. Were the early Muslims captivated by Jewish messianism? Was “to kill” really a mistranslation of “to fight”? Are the houris of paradise really “white raisins”? The... Read more