: Jesus Christ: Same Name, Different Face

One book analyzes the Jesus of Islamic literature in a way that both confirms and denies the personality seen in Christianity. Read more

: Women Denounce Muslim Stereotypes

A conference on women and Islam has ended with calls for western society to change its negative image of the Muslim religion. Read more

: Alliance Between Al-Qaida and Neo-Nazis Alleged

One group claims that white supremacists and Islamic groups may form an alliance to commit terrorist acts. Now who’s the conspiracy theorist? Read more

: More Protests Target Firings of Muslims at Macy’s

An ongoing discrimination case against America’s favorite department store gets uglier. Read more

: 72 White Raisins?  Reinterpreting the Qur’an’s Origins

Far-reaching conclusions about the origins of the Qur’an are being made by scholars who doubt its divine origin. Read more

: Spanish Book Warns of Islamic Expansion

One author claims a conspiracy to recapture Islam’s Moorish lands through terror. Read more

: Death at the Babri Masjid, Part II

A call to rebuild an ancient temple (no, not the Jewish one) sparks violent tit-for-tat killings in Islam’s second biggest real-estate war. Read more

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