Some Muslim women wonder why most Americans can’t talk about issues concerning them without wondering what’s “behind the veil.” Read more

Six months after the horror of 9/11, American Muslims see less violence, more anxiety, and continued conflict. Read more

Conspiracy or not, Imam Jamil faces either life imprisonment or the death penalty, despite support from many American Muslim organizations. Read more

In a telling reversal, a recent poll of Americans finds a parallel distrust of the Muslim world. Read more

The lack of surrogacy as an Islamic option prompts doctors to transplant a womb to a 26-year old woman. Read more

Zainub Ashraf spent her last days working to bridge cultural differences between Americans and Afghans before her tragic death. Read more

Invaluable Malcolm X writings, including his hajj diaries, are winding up on the auction block. Read more

He claims that immigration and high birth rates will make Islam Europe’s most vibrant religion in the 21st century. Read more

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman attributes rage in the Muslim world to a “poverty of dignity.” Read more

A Muslim woman’s personal art collection becomes a statement of “defiance against terrorism”. Read more

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