Where I’ve been: Mostly Bristol, England for the last year. Before that, five years in Missoula getting that BA in Philosophy, and before that eighteen years spent almost entirely in Helena, MT.Where I’m going: Ph.D. studies, probably. Peace Corps is a back-up. Staying in Missoula if all else fails. But first I need to finish my dissertation for Bristol, to get that MA (with Commendation!), and get applications out there.Simple enough – let’s do it. Read more

This is roughly the topic of my MA (Buddhist Studies) dissertation which was due two weeks ago 🙂 and which I have an extension for until the end of October. I am just trying now, after an unsuccessful attempt to start another MA program while working on this, to return myself to this immense topic. I have made some progress, and well, thought it might help me mentally to get some of my thoughts out there (comments welcome, intelligent or… Read more

(in a Woody Allen voice) It’s it’s it’s like there’s just so much for me to get out there… Ah ah I don’t quite know where to begin.(me again) Really I think my number one issue lately has been indecision; despite the fact that I’ve made some HUGE decisions lately (dropped 11 credits at school, flew to Tucson to see the Dalai Lama). Besides all that, I’m feeling a bit of a lull in life: essentially because that 11 credits… Read more

Ok, after several weeks off the blog I’m finally making my way back. The major reason for my absence has been the upheaval of moving back to the US from Bristol, England, where I worked on my MA in Buddhist Studies. Along with that, I’ve lacked internet at home for all of my time back here in Montana. But that should be fixed soon enough, and until then the library provides a decent enough setting for blogging.Briefly, some of the… Read more

Just a quick, weak excuse for my overall lack of effort here. First, I’m currently working on a Masters in Buddhist Studies – which sucks up a LOT of time. Second, much of my free time is dedicated to studying the work of Geshe Michael Roach (www.world-view.org) – There is audio and text of an 18 part ‘mini-Geshe’ training course he ran in the 1990s. A Geshe, for those who do not know, is a Tibetan Buddhist Doctor of Divinity… Read more

For matters of Philosophy, I post regularly (well, did at least) at http://umphilsociety.blogspot.com For matters of my current life in Bristol, England, I’ve created a blog at http://justininengland.blogspot.com Maybe I’ll continue with this Blog as a more random, opinionated location, who knows. Read more

With a nice flash-page set up, images of sculptures and paintings, words from contemporaty and historical holy men and women, this site acts a wonderful interactive introdution to Buddhism. http://www.pacificasiamuseum.org/buddhism/index.htm Read more

Last month, at the 15th Aids conference in Bangkok, Thailand, Richard Gere told reporters that Aids is a more important issue to him than Tibet. While he said that he still sees the Tibet issue as very important to him, Aids, he said, is the biggest single threat to the planet. Gere’s words and actions are to be commended, not condemned. Many of us have our hearts so firmly planted in Tibet that it is hard to see the myriad… Read more

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