Join Me Tonight for a State of the Union Open Thread Discussion

Tonight is the State of the Union Address! I am interested to see what President Obama has to say, particularly in light of what he had to say in his Inaugural Address.


In his Inaugural Address he hit heavy on egalitarian economic themes and was strong and direct in his commitment to gay rights.


I am not so much hoping that says specific things, but I will be listening for certain things:


  • Will he make specific proposals to go along with those egalitarian economic themes?
  • What will he say about immigration and immigration reform?
  • Will he use this spot light to champion his gun proposals? What will he emphasize?


What are you hoping to hear or hear about tonight from the President?

The address will be on most of the major networks and also carried live on the website of The Washington Post. The official start time is 9:00 pm Eastern. The thread will open around 8:30 Eastern.

Join me here at Approaching Justice for a live discussion of the State of the Union Address. We will have a open comments thread and also a feed of my tweets about the SOTU. Please, join me. All are welcome.

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