February 28 HuffPost Live Appearance

Today, I made an appearance on The Huffington Post’s HuffPost Live.

Not a particularly great appearance on my part. I better polish my live appearance skills. :)

Below are the four segments with links to the stories as well:


Mark Wahlberg and Sean Combs

Stange Story and depressing story

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

NOTE: They have me listed as being a political science professor at Casper College. That is no longer the case. I did not notice it until I watched after the airing. I contacted the producers and they are correcting their information for future use.

NFL, LGBT, and Me.
I will be on HuffPost Live Wednesday at Noon Eastern/10am Mountain (UPDATED).
HuffPost Live Appearance on March 20.
With Erin Brockovich on Huff Post Live
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