Sandel’s Introduction to Rawls and Distributive Justice

Rawls is not easy to understand. This is largely because of how Rawls presents his ideas, though this difficulty creates opportunities for debate within political philosophy.

Below is a lecture by Harvard Government Professor Michael Sandel on Rawls and issues of wealth, inequality, and distributive justice. While I disagree with much of Sandel’s academic criticism of Rawls, I think that he does an excellent job in this lecture and in his recent books looking to present the concept of justice to a broader audience. In particular, I like how he presents a number of key points in Rawlsian thinking, though this is still just an introduction.


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  • eric.w

    I watched his whole semester of lectures, and found this lecture one of my favorites. His book, “justice” is also a good read, based off this course.

    • Chris Henrichsen

      I agree. It is a great introduction to my approach to political philosophy….which is why I am sure everybody reads it. Sandel is also a great lecturer and teacher.