“Mormon Women and the Priesthood” today on RadioWest (Update: Audio Now Available)

RadioWest, the radio news interview show out of KUER in Salt Lake City, is talking today about Mormonism, women, and the priesthood.

Here is the abstract for the episode:

Thursday, we’re talking about the role of women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Over the last few years, a movement of Mormon women asserting their rights within the Church has reemerged. They’ve been asking to pray in general conference and be more involved in day-to-day decisions. Now there is a group asking to be given the LDS priesthood. But why haven’t women been given the priesthood? Is it a doctrinal issue or a cultural one? Doug is joined by Mormon women to talk about the history and about what’s at stake.



I am not familiar with all of the guests, but Radke-Moss and McBaine  kick butt.

Listen to the program live, by going to this link and  clicking on the red “listen live-news” button. I will update this post when the podcast is available later, since I am sure most will not be able to catch it live.

UPDATE: Audio of the show is now up at the RadioWest site.

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