I will be on HuffPost Live Today (4/12) at Noon Eastern/10am Mountain

Update: Here is my follow up post about one of the segments.

UPDATE: The topics of discussion will include North Korea, Football, Gay Rights, and Margaret Thatcher. Perfect for me! :)

I will be on the Huff Post Live’s News Block today (Friday) at Noon Eastern/10am Mountain.

I will be commenting on a variety of issues. I will post those topics when I am informed of them shortly before the live chat.

On my last visit with HuffPost Live, we discussed Hillary Clinton and the death penalty.

My most recent appearance on HuffPost Live was on March 20. It can be viewed here.

Check out my Feb. 28 Huff Post Live appearance HERE.  My March 14 can be viewed HERE.

I am excited to see what we will be discussing this time.

You will be able to catch the show live at this link.

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