Moving to Sin City

After 3 years in Wyoming, the Henrichsen clan will be moving to Las Vegas! My wife has accepted an elementary school teaching position there.

Pretty much everything has fallen apart for us here and we are super excited about starting over.

I will continue to blog and I will be continuing my position as Faith and Social Justice Director with Independence Rock Group: Center to Faith, Ethics, and Social Justice.

We will be going from a state with about 530,000 people to a county (Clark County) with nearly two million people. After living in Wyoming, small town Idaho, and rural Utah, the big city feel of Las Vegas will be a change for us. However, as somebody born in Washington, DC and raised in the DC suburbs of Maryland, I am ready to return to civilization. As a disciple of Rousseau, I realize that civilization is not always what it is made out to be…but few thing are.

And there will be much in Nevada to critique. However, there are also a range of new opportunities as I start out a new phase in life.

I am excited. Let the next adventure begin!

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  • Russell Arben Fox

    Many congratulations to Lyndee!

    • chrishenrichsen

      Thanks, Russell!

  • PamelaRWKandt

    Congrats! Housing is still very cheap there so you ought to find something you really like in the right neighborhood.

    • chrishenrichsen

      Thanks, Pam! We are particularly excited about the expanded housing options.

  • Lyndee Curtis Henrichsen

    Hey, now! I’m a rural girl and I consider myself very civilized. Though, I do look forward to the change.

    • chrishenrichsen

      Babe, you defy all such distinctions. You are amazing like that. ;)

    • chrishenrichsen

      Also, civilization is a facade.

  • Maggie Goebel

    Love your posts! I live in North Las Vegas…. you will be a good addition to the area. People here are pretty open minded…. though during the election our car was keyed in the church parking lot the first Sunday we had our Obama bumper sticker on the back window.

    • Chris Henrichsen


      People sure can get cranky during elections. Jeepers.