Approaching Justice is heading to San Jose #NN13

The week of Netroots Nation 2013 has arrived. I will be in San Jose Thursday through Saturday.

I will be missing the opening night bash with Howard Dean, because Shem’s (11) final regular season

baseball game is on Wednesday night. That one was not even a contest.

I will be arriving early Thursday and staying through Saturday. If you are at Netroots Nation 2013 and would like to get ahold of me, email me at

I am mostly focusing on sessions and panels dealing with social media and blogging since I need to build up Approaching Justice rather quickly if I want to make this into a permanent full-time venture…which I hope to do.

I am also looking forward to meeting other progressive activists and making contact with progressive and liberal organizations particularly since my hope is to make Approaching Justice a blog which appeals to progressive people of faith in general and all interested in social justice..

I will be regularly updating about my Netroots Nation experience here at Approaching Justice. I will also be making frequent updates on both my Twitter feed and the Approaching Justice Facebook Page. Please "follow" and/or "like" to keep on top of the latest.

I would like to thank Democracy for America for partially funding this trip with a scholarship that is covering my lodging and registration.

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