Does Ozzy Actually think “God is Dead?” You Might Be Surprised.

The new single by Black Sabbath asks the question "God is Dead?" Okay, the grammar is confusing…but at least Ozzy is easier to understand in the song than he is in person.

Graham ‘Gruhamed’ Hartmann of Loudwire asked Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne about the meaning of the new Black Sabbath single "God is Dead?"

Apparently, it is not so much about Nietzsche. Here is the transcript followed by the video:

"I was in a doctor’s waiting room and [I saw] a magazine which said, ‘God is Dead’ and I thought, ‘F—ing hell, they flew planes into the World Trade Center and they’re always blowing themselves up in market places, killing innocent people in the name of their god.’ If you listen to the twist at the end of the song, it says, ‘I don’t believe that God is dead.’ Geezer said he wrote them about someone who is in search for the fact if God is still there or he’s not, you know?"

While the song addresses the Nietzsche-ish matter of the death of God in the modern world, Ozzy seems to be hinting that the song is actually one with an element of faith and hope despite the overall gloomy feel of the song.

I really like the return to some darker and more serious themes on the part of Black Sabbath. This seems to be very much a throw back to early Sabbath classics like "War Pigs."

Here is the official video:

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