Jesuits and Metallica

I was wondering how I could justify sharing a Metallica appearance on the Colbert Report on a blog that deals with religion, politics, a social justice.

Then my favorite Catholic Priest, Father James Martin, SJ popped in at 4:13.

YouTube Preview Image

Well, it was a spiritual experience for me.

For whom does the bell toll?

Fr. Martin had been on earlier in the show to discuss Pope Francis.

Check it out:

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  • Sarah Flashing

    I watched that with my kids who are super Metallica fans. BURST out laughing when they were introduced by the priest….mostly because it was totally unexpected. Comedic genius whoever thought of that.

    • Chris Henrichsen

      Yeah, a friend shared the Metallica clip and when Fr. Martin popped up, I went “Hey…a priest…and one I recognize!” Then I went back and watched the rest of the episode.

      • dashifen

        I hadn’t known of him before, but he’s one of my favorites now!