Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me

There is a Facebook prompt going around. If you like a status where somebody is sharing a number of things you might not know about them…they will assign you a number of things to share.

Ardis at Keepapitchinin gave me the assignment of sharing seven things you might not know about me. Since I am turning 37 tomorrow, I will focus on some ways in which I have changed since my youth.

1. I was a Dallas Cowboys fan until I was 11. My parents point to this as an example of how I have allows been oppositional (since I grew up in the heart of Washington Redskin country).

2. I remember asking people if they had voted for Reagan when I was only five or six. I would have voted for him then and I encouraged others to do so. Of course, I am pretty sure I asked people about this when it was not even election time.

3. I have not vomited since I was in high school.

4. Growing up, I was terrified of Karaoke. I would stay clear of any event with it. I now love to shared my interpretation of Nirvana and Weezer songs with all. I likely now ruin Karaoke for everyone else.

5. I regularly wore a tie to school during high school. Just because. Between the way I dressed and the fact that I was an out-spoken and obnoxious Republican in those days, Lyndee (my loving wife of 15 years) has told me that we she likely would not have liked me much had we attended the same high school.

6. My junior year of high school, I won a Rush Limbaugh t-shirt and mug from WMAL in Washington, DC. I called in at the scheduled time for weeks before actually winning.

7. I wore black to school the day after Bill Clinton got elected President. I still do not like Clinton, but for totally different reasons. I smile about this whenever I see other people act like the world is coming to an end whenever their side loses in politics. My excuse: I was only 15 at the time.

I am not rope anyone into joining this silly exercise, but I would appreciate any comments or questions.

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  • Kent

    Only 37? You’re still in your youth, sonny! Once one loses the natural human fear of karaoke, politics is a logical next step. I’m just guessing that was the progression in your case.

    • Chris Henrichsen

      Yes, that was the progression. I think it had a lot to do with lecturing in front of people for a living making me comfortable making a fool of myself. While running for office was a bad idea, I hope to someday do Karaoke again. :)

  • Clark Goble

    I thought the NDP in Canada was great when I was 12 and put up a poster. See? We travelled in opposite directions.

  • ldsgirl

    And my mom was ready to throw me out for wanting to see JFK win, yet I was still at Kenmore Jr. HS in Arlington, and not even old enough to vote (not even close, you had to be 21 bitd). Still vote that way. And it’s my house, and I’ll vote as I wanna.

  • Brian Duffin

    Do you still have your Limbaugh shirt and mug? I would hope that you have framed and enshrined the t-shirt in a suitable display case.

    • Chris Henrichsen

      I have other relics from that era, but neither of these.

  • Kent

    Happy Birthday. Glad your Limbaugh t-shirt doesn’t fit anymore.