“Who Cares Wins” by Anthrax (Hymns of Social Justice)

With the first installment of Hymns of Social Justice coming from Emmylou Harris, I wanted to follow that up with a heavy metal selection."Who Cares Wins" by Anthrax addresses homelessness in the late 1980s. It is gives particular attention to the way in which our society de-humanizes the homeless. The "State of Euphoria" album was a favorite of mine back in the sixth grade...but the social justice message of this song was lost on me until I re-discovered it in more recent years. The video … [Read more...]

“My Name is Emmett Till” by Emmylou Harris (Hymns of Social Justice)

Emmylou Harris performed this in 2011. It struck me as appropriate given recent events.NOTE: This post originally featured a televised studio version. It is no longer available. Below is a live rendition from record at a 2012 concert (Update September 11, 2013):I am starting a series called "Hymns of Social Justice." The series will feature social justice themed songs from a variety of artists. This is the first installment of that series."Like" Approaching Justice on … [Read more...]

Farewell, Wyoming

I arrived in Las Vegas on Friday and Lyndee and the kids will be arriving over the next few days.I will miss my friends in Wyoming.Here is something I will not miss so much:Because...you know...President Obama is going after hunting rifles.Same truck.Our 3 years in Wyoming were an adventure. I am looking forward to continuing our family adventure here in Las Vegas! I think we will be spending a lot of time here:It is really warm here. Nothing we cannot survive … [Read more...]

Until we all view Trayvon….

...as our own son, nothing will change.My son Shem almost always wears a hoodie...and he prefers to have candy in that hoodie. He does not face the same racism that Trayvon did. Luckily, we also have not had a neighbor like George Zimmerman.While we lament our gun-crazed violent and hateful culture, may our hearts and thoughts be with Trayvon's parents. Trayvon is their son. They can no longer hug him. They can no longer enjoy his smile. They can no longer listen to his laugh.We … [Read more...]

Patriot Act, Pope Francis, and Citizens United (Faith and Social Justice News Roundup) Mon. July 8

Jeffrey Rosen suggests some ways make the Patriot Act more patriotic.E.J. Dionne notes that Pope Francis is showing some impressive leadership and "saintly politics."Today, Pope Francis criticized indifference toward immigrants' plightDavid Brooks pounds Tea Party Congressman on immigration.The "dynamic" movement to overturn Citizens United.How Government Made Fracking Profitable (and Left Renewables Behind)titleRead about more about the Faith and Social Justice News … [Read more...]

Introducing the Faith & Social Justice New Roundup

I am starting a new and permanent series at Approaching Justice called the "Faith and Social Justice News Roundup."The Faith and Social Justice News Roundup with be links to stories and commentaries about faith and social justice. At Approaching Justice, I take a rather broad approach to both faith and social justice. My hope is that this daily (Monday through Friday) series will help make Approaching Justice a place where you can visit to find a wide range of information about faith and … [Read more...]

The Real Thomas B. Marsh Story

The historian John Hamer wrote a post at By Common Consent about the early Latter-day Saint Apostle Thomas B. Marsh back on July 1, 2009 . The post is titled "The Milk & Strippings Story, Thomas B. Marsh, and Brigham Young." Today's Sunday School lesson focused, in part, on the Thomas B. Marsh cream fable (I like Hamer's use of "fable").Here is a selection from John's BCC post:Thomas B. Marsh and his wife Elizabeth were baptized on September 3, 1830, and were therefore … [Read more...]