Queering our Reading of the Bible

Editor's Note: This post is part of Queer Theology Syncroblog at the site Queer Theology.I was asked by Chris Henrichsen to post a presentation I recently gave on relating queer thought to how we read the Bible. Our campus ministry has a discussion group which has tackled this topic for this coming semester.The follows is a rough outline of that effort “Nearly all the wisdom which we possess, that is to say, true and sound wisdom, consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and of o … [Read more...]

The Nature of Religious Symbols

Recently Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins were invited to write about the status of God after Darwin. What struck me was the way both wrote about religious symbols. For Armstrong "what we call God is merely a symbol that points beyond itself to an indescribable transcendence." For Dawkins, symbolic language obscures the central question,which is whether God exists as an "objective reality, just as surely as the Rock of Gibraltar exists."While I'm sympathetic to Armstrong's case for God … [Read more...]

The Nature of Religious Traditions

I'm writing my first post as the new campus minister of Ecumenical Campus Ministries which represents a number of liberal protestant denominations at the University of Kansas. I met Chris when I was a pastor in Wyoming but apparently this summer is a time of transition for both of us.I wanted to tackle a post by Dan Fincke at Camels with Hammers. He's been dedicating his blog to theists every Thursday by tackling a topic or posing a set of questions. I plan to examine three of those … [Read more...]

Charity vs. Justice part 2

As a mainline protestant pastor it may be odd to be writing a post on a Mormon blog. But I got to know Chris Henrichsen through his run for congress in Wyoming and I really came to respect not only his campaign but the person behind it. We've had a number of discussions about religion, politics, and life in Wyoming and so I was invited to write for this site. This is my first attempt to do so.I wanted to follow up on a previous post on the difference between charity and justice because I … [Read more...]