Surviving the Shutdown as a New Young Public Servant

Monday, September 30th, we were told incase of a government shutdown contingency plans are in place to suspend our training program, that we had been in for eleven weeks, with only one more to go until graduation of our phase 1 part of training for a new job I had secured serving the government. After weeks of hard work, our momentum was propelling us to the end, and it couldn't come soon enough. That day I remember everyone wondering what was going to happen. That night it seemed like New Years … [Read more...]

When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums..

Last week I watched Les Mis for the first time. I’ve heard of the story but had never seen any of the film or play productions. I will say I was impressed. I thought it was a great story.  The music is what got me. I felt it to be inspiring in many ways, and making the story that much more influential. There were many great songs, and lines in the songs that I thought were pretty powerful.  One of the lines comes from the song, “The People’s song” it is as follows:“Do you hear the people sing … [Read more...]

May Day- “Union Town”

 Happy May Day … [Read more...]

Feeling Connected

Each morning I take a bus to the metro, then a short metro ride to work. Each morning I get on the bus, put on my headphones, or open my ipad to listen or read whatever book I am reading. As I do this I notice this seems to be what everyone else is pretty much doing as well. There is seldom anyone talking or really even noticing one another. This pattern is pretty consistent with public transportation commuting, at least around the DC metro region.  This had got me thinking a little while ago, … [Read more...]

The Road We Must Travel

 Every moment in life will be faced with moments that will define us. We will at some point in life ask ourselves,  which road must I travel? As a son of an immigrant and a Mormon, both of those pieces of me carry  their own stories of asking, "Which Road will I travel?" Alas, the road I must travel, the end I can not see. … [Read more...]

As you would have others do unto you.

Almost three weeks ago I flew out to go visit my father who was very ill. For some time he had been going through the process of failing health and this trip was sadly the last time I would see him. He passed away the day after I flew down. While I don’t mean to make this post depressing and sad, I do just want to make a quick appreciation for the time I had with him throughout my life, even the times when I wasn't directly there, I knew he was there for me.My father was not a wealthy man, an … [Read more...]