Is Bryce Harper Hated Because He is A Mormon?

Ok, that is not really the question at hand. The panel at Post Sports Live from The Washington Post took at look at whether Bryce Harper with the Washington Nationals was getting hit by pitches because he is hated.  At the Henrichsen home, we really like Bryce Harper. He is one Shem's heroes. The fact that Harper is from Las Vegas is the first thing Shem mentioned when Lyndee got the offer to come and teach here.Are players like Harper being targeted by … [Read more...]

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We Have Authority Issues

"Why doesn't the Church speak out in favor of the Affordable Care Act or universal healthcare?"The above question, or some variation of it, has come up in twice in recent months on liberal or Democratic Mormon Facebook groups that I belong to.They could, but they won't. Not because they cannot do so, though advocating for specific legislation is dangerous territory. Instead, the Church is not going to step into a political battle which has partisan overtones...that has already been … [Read more...]

Teaching the Gospel in Our Homes: My Sermon

Today, I gave a sermon about teaching the gospel in our homes. The talk touched on Rawls, King Benjamin from the Book of Mormon, my Chevy Suburban, and lots of cutestories about my beautiful and amazing children.Lyndee spoke first and I make a few references to her talk.Take a listen to the talk here.Or here: Podcast Powered By PodbeanI am sharing this talk as part of the Passing on the Faith: … [Read more...]

Hey, Somebody Wrote My Biography!

As a socialist, who likes going naked, I am pretty sure this book is about me.However, as a good Mormon, I am suspicious of any book with "naked" in the title. Sounds like it is at least R-rated! Please support Approaching Justice. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Pot? Bah Humbug. I’ve got the straight edge.

I really could care less about the movement to legalize pot or pot in general.I do not think it is because of my religion, as much as it is that I am leftist straight edge.Here is the Minor Threat song that comes to my mind when people raise any issue related to pot:Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat, and later Fugazi, explained his song on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC. More to come about Minor Threat, Fugazi, and Ian … [Read more...]

Hugh Nibley is not the Mormon Aquinas: A Clarification

A few of my good friends have challenged my labeling of Hugh Nibley as the Mormon Aquinas in the title of my post Tuesday about Taylor Petrey.I must admit, I was going for a provocative title more than I was asserting that Nibley was in some way the Mormon equivalent of Thomas Aquinas.I have heard Nibley referred to as the Mormon Aquinas. I cannot find a good source to support that. But I am sure that I have read it.Now, I do not think that Nibley was in any way claiming to be the a … [Read more...]