NOTE: The following originally appeared here at Faith-Promoting Rumor. The producers have informed me that the soundtrack is now available! Review soon to come. Also, check out the trailer here. I have not seen The Book of Mormon: The Musical. To be honest, I have not seen any musicals, in quite sometime, that are not at a local high school or community college.   Often while wondering about musicals about sacred texts, I have wondered a few times about the… Read more

I met Cornel West  in San Francisco at the November 11 American Academy of Religion. I find that I am appreciating his style even more now as I move beyond conventional politics and conventional academia. Preach it, Brother West! ; Read more

The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship has recently hired my good friend Blair Hodges as their public communications specialist. I am excited for both the Maxwell Institute and Blair. Blair was kind enough to answer a few questions for Approaching Justice. All links below were added by Approaching Justice. Approaching Justice:What will you be doing for the institute in this capacity? Blair: Thanks! I’m the new public communications specialist. I’ll be managing the Institute’s new website, forthcoming later… Read more

Almost three weeks ago I flew out to go visit my father who was very ill. For some time he had been going through the process of failing health and this trip was sadly the last time I would see him. He passed away the day after I flew down. While I don’t mean to make this post depressing and sad, I do just want to make a quick appreciation for the time I had with him throughout my life,… Read more

We will be kicking off our Social Justice Book Club with Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. The April Social Justice Book Club will take place the week of April 14-20. Sue Halpern said the following in her review of Hall The Sky in The New York Review of Books: “…he and WuDunn are very clear that they have not written Half the Sky simply to document the condition of child brides in Ethiopia and… Read more

In case you missed my brief comments on HuffPost Live, here you go: On the U.S. withdrawal from a Northern Province in Afghanistan:   On a Dove for Men shampoo commercial:   On the most recent legal mess related to Michael Jackson:   Read more

UPDATE: It looks like we will be talking about withdrawal from Afghanistan, Autism, shampoo, and Michael Jackson. Should be interesting….watch at the link below.   I will be on the Huff Post Live’s News Block tomorrow (Wednesday) at Noon Eastern/10am Mountain. I will be commenting on a variety of issues. I will post those topics when I am informed of them shortly before the live chat. Check out my Feb. 28 Huff Post Live appearance HERE.  My most recent appearance (March 14)… Read more

NPR’s Kirk Siegler did a heart-wrenching profile on today’s All Things Considered about the connection between guns, gun culture, and suicide. The story focused the city where I reside: Casper, WY. Last year, there were more suicides in Natrona County than anywhere else in Wyoming. The soft-spoken county coroner saw them all. “My last suicide was a week ago, and yes, it was a male with a gunshot wound,” Connie Jacobson says in her office on the outskirts of the… Read more

William Galston’s response to A Brief Inquiry Into the Meaning of Faith and Sin (Rawls 2010), offers a number of interest takes on Rawls and his work in general. However, it also shows a number of the misinterpretations on the part of Galston. “If it turns out that early faith commitments constitute the unexpressed but indispensable basis of Rawls’s thought, then one may wonder whether there are other grounds on which those of different faiths, or no faith at all,… Read more

Editor’s Note: There will not be a Campaign Chronicles post this week. Instead, I will share with you this column from Kerry Drake and the great folks at WyoFile March 19, 2013 By Kerry Drake Comedian Chris Rock reportedly once said that, “arguing politics is like trying to convince someone that their baby isn’t cute.” Funny, and true. But there are ways that people can discuss controversial issues in politics without insulting one another or their offspring. If one actually… Read more

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