Should a Husband and Wife Have SEPARATE Bank Accounts?


3. Secrets and lies ruin a marriage, so as spouses, we must do everything we can to stay honest and open with one another.

This is a big one. As someone who frequently meets with struggling married couples, secrets and lies are huge wrecking balls to a marriage. Therefore, we must do everything we can to protect ourselves from falling into the downhill spiral of keeping secrets from one another or lying to each other. Sadly, separate bank accounts is one way many couples fall into this trap. It all comes down to how much we trust one another. Any time our spouse doesn’t have complete access to part of our life, we open ourselves up to the temptation of keeping secrets.

So, even if you choose to have separate accounts for a specific reason, I encourage you to give your spouse the ability to access your account information. This doesn’t mean that he/she will be checking up on you all the time; it is just one way to show your spouse that you trust him/her and that you want to share everything about your life with him/her.

Friends, please sit down and talk about these three statements with your spouse. Don’t jump to conclusions or make accusations. Listen to one another and remember that you are committed to each and other and in this together. Don’t let pride or fear keep you from considering the possibility of having a joint account. Talk about your options and make a plan together. And, whatever you decide, keep being open and honest with one another about everything.

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