Who’s your guru?

In my last post I wrote that nothing is all that different about life as a Hindu. But that's not entirely true. Yes, I have early morning devotions (I read some where that devotions at sunrise were customary). At their core they are not all that different from what I've done in the past. There a few other minor things that are different. My altar is different. I don't let my son touch anything on the altar if he hasn't washed his face and hands (low level purification standards, but very taxing … [Read more...]

Theory vs Practice

When it comes to religion and/or spirituality (take your pick) I've been struggling between theory and practice. These two poles seem to exist as twinned but opposite towers. One is removed and cerebral (theory), the other messy and personal (practice). Both are informative and educational in their own ways. In the best of all possible worlds, a person is informed of their tradition, perhaps informed of others' traditions too, but also experiencing what they talk about and connected into … [Read more...]

Day the first

4.55 AM  - The alarm sounds.I struggle to open my eyes. It wasn't the best night of sleep and I'd finally settled into a comfortable position. But I'm excited and I get out of bed. The baby doesn't stir. I put on a clean white shirt, comfortable trousers. Yoga ideally starts with cleansing, so I use the toilet, wash my hands and face, brush my teeth. Down stairs I go.I enter the dining room/my study/altar room and begin cleaning it up. I move the baby gym to the living room. I sweep. I … [Read more...]

The ashram opens

You may be wondering what this blog is all about. Do I really have an ashram? It's called a 'spiritual field guide' - where are you going? The answers, in order, are: No, but maybe? And, I don't know. This blog is the outer face of a personal project I'll be starting on 21 June, 2011. My goals are to see just what my own ashram might look like, to explore the spiritual traditions that have informed me thus far in my life, and to see what my internal and personal spiritual shape looks like this … [Read more...]

Please hold the line…

I'm still building the ashram. … [Read more...]