Worship the Gods

#3 in the Delphic Maxim series, inspired by Star Foster. Here is her post on the same topic.

This maxim makes me wonder what the difference between worship and devotion is. When I read or think the word ‘worship’ I immediately think of Christianity and the dynamic between the One Right and True Yahweh and us lowly humans. Devotion feels more intimate to me. I suspect I’m splitting hairs.

I’ll admit that I like this maxim, mainly because I already do it and it’s something that suits my personality. I want to engage in devotions. I want personal relationship with the gods, just as I love my family and am devoted to my partner and children.

I also connect devotion with offering. With my family I offer my time, energy, efforts, and highest self, along with food and service (what else would you consider laundry?). For the gods, I also offer my time, energy, abilities, and offerings of food, water, wine, incense, money, etc. Worship to me indicates awe and wonder, and those are no bad things either.

Whether this maxim implies devotion, I think we could all stand to have some un-ironic, sincere moments of awe and wonder in our lives. These days spring is in full force and I am spending a lot of time outside, mostly just listening. Awe and wonder and deep reverence wash over me as I watch my toddler sit under the lilac tree and play with blades of grass, or touch the flesh of spring salmon quivering in my pan, or feel the sun – which rises every single day – warm my pasty skin.

I may have obeying the laws down more by default, but worshipping the gods? It’s like I was born for it.

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