It Begins!

How To Speak Catholic
Day Freaking Threeish
Day Freaking Two
Day Freaking One
  • Elizabeth

    You crack me up!I felt like I was there, man. "So much Jesus."

  • Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble

    Soooo funny! And inspiring, too. Go figure!

  • Joseph K @ Defend Us In Battle

    "So Much Jesus." I liked that too.Also, have you found me a Nun Pen Pal yet, cant you make that a mission or goal or something? Geeze, it's all I ask.

  • Frank

    Christmas in August!=D

  • Loretta Lemieux Pollman

    That is so awesome that you guys recorded these. I'm Loretta Christopher's aunt…..It is great how you are able to share these now a days. I'm glad that you all had such a great time! Technology is amazing!