Madrid, Baby.

Dearest Readers,
Now, being particularly situationally-aware individuals, you may have noticed the most excellent and awesome banner that has been gracing the pixel space of BadCatholic these past couple of days. It’s great; Pope Benny’s giving you that look that says “You said something mildly funny and I’ll acknowledge that, but straight up? I’m the Pope.” And, upon seeing this, you might have asked yourself, “Oh dearest self, why such a banner?” And the answer is simple. I am leaving with four friends to World Youth Day, in Madrid, with single-minded purpose of hanging out with the Pope.

This means, of course, that I am representing the entire United States of America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, to the greater Catholic Church and to Europe as a whole. It is a tradition to bring some sort of national ‘give-away’, a representation of your homeland to trade with fellow pilgrims of different nationalities, little flags, stickers, wristbands and the like. So I’m bringing Freedom, F15 fighter jets, and the number 12 combo meal from McDonald’s. With large fries.

But in all seriousness, I am incredibly excited. I will bring all the unfortunate and bewildered readers of this blog in my prayers, offering up the papal mass for you and your intentions, touching various bones of various Saints with the desire that you might be healed of any hurts, strengthened in any weaknesses, and brought closer to the heart of Jesus Christ.

It is going to be unbelievable. Absolutely amazing. I have to run to the airport now, so I’ll save the “just exactly how amazing” for later. I will be making incredibly cool videos and posting updates and excited rants on the events throughout the week right here on BadCatholic, so come back soon. 
Much love,

Day Freaking One
Day Freaking Threeish
Day Freaking Two
It Begins!
  • Anonymous

    Ahh. I feel like I'm the only young Catholic who isn't going. But have tons of fun hanging out with Papa B! Thank you so much for your prayers! You're in mine, also.

  • Laura

    Anon: you're not the only one, I'm not going either. *Sigh* I'd rather be anywhere than here, specially Europe, specially WYD. Anyways, Marc, I hope you have an unbelievable time there, I'm truly happy for you, do keep us posted. Say hi to the saints and B16 from me, and maybe throw a couple prayers in my direction ;)

  • Marc

    you got it. ( :

  • beez

    Maybe I'll see you there! I'll be the one in the Roman Collar

  • Jonathon James Prieston

    I know Im late but man oh man wasnt the weather crazy in madrid lol, but seriously it was a great experience changed my life forever it made faith come alive for the first time,seeing 2 million catholics

  • Corosatri

    I’m from Madrid, I sing at a parish choir, we received some USA people last summer and from other countries too. Fantastic experience to share our faith and celebrate with so many different people (incredible the southafrican masses..). Our choir also proposed a song for the official hymn contest, though we didn’t win, but it was a nice song (NO DUDARE DE TI, the translation could be “I won’t doubt You”…), you can hear it at our blog
    And I’m a David Crowder fan also, great music, great lyrics, very interesting the post you wrote about him… Greetings from Spain! Julio