WYD, She Cometh!

I have to apologize, because World Youth Day is currently happening, and then some, but the above video is pre-World Youth Day. Don’t you fret ye awful Catholics, I have the greatest footage ever filmed by man in store for you.

When you see the smiling, beautiful faces of lively, joyful youth in the news, you must realize you’re missing a vital element of World Youth Day: The sheer exhaustion that we experience when the day is done. Our days are absolutely packed with adoration, catechesis, Mass, panels, exhibits, metros, Italians, and when we are done we feel an awful lot like a feel right now: crazy happy, and ready to die.

So I hope you will forgive me delivering my favorite World Youth Day experiences up to this point in a list format, with none of my usual rich, literary allusions and mind-boggling analysis. I hope the experiences and the true meaning of this week will be better revealed in the video I’m working on. In no particular order then:

The fact that the Pope is staying/sleeping 6 minutes away from us. ‘A’ is us. ‘B’ is PAPA BENEDICTO THE SUCESSOR OF PETER!!!!!! We plan on yelling his name from our balcony, with great passion and inhuman volume, until he comes out and drinks sangria with us. In all honesty though, I get chills just thinking about it.

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We fist-pumped to an incredible Indian pop group called RexBand, who melted our minds with their crazy Indian gamak-singing, Bollywood style dance crew, and rave beats. They were hardcore Catholics, and even sang a song against abortion, from the view of an unborn child, which was heart-breaking.

The Sisters of Life. They are the most beautiful, joyful women in the world. I even met the nun I interviewed in my March for Life video way back. I may be called to be a nun, so happy they make me. Speaking of which, the whole English-speaking center – the Love and Life Center run by the Knights of Columbus – is awesome.

Meeting people. Nothing compares to meeting people from all over the world, millions of pilgrims, hundreds of cultures, all Catholics. Speaking of which, nothing compares to the Holy Spirit throwing me and Fabi from Catholic Colors at the Metro Station! What an awesome gift!

Adoration. Everywhere. In the park, in stadiums, in churches; no matter where, we try to adore Him every day, and every day His love fills our hearts. It is very difficult to explain the amount of grace pouring on everyone here, I will attempt to when i’ve settled down.

There’s so much more, but I am sitting outside ‘Muuu’, leeching their wifi (pronounce weefee), and it is time to go. Leave any intentions below!


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