How To Win an Argument With a Catholic

In the delightfully crunchy world of debate, it seems apparent to me that the closer you are to the tactics of the Westboro Baptist Church, the closer you are to being entirely stupid, and -- as a shockingly direct result -- entirely wrong. This is a concept towards which I have no doubt the new-atheist-hipsters-who-get-groovy-on-the-internet will nod in earnest. After all, the level of intellectual destruction it takes to reduce one's entire theology to the slogan "God Hates Fags" … [Read more...]

Atheists Disprove God’s Existence Again!

The Lowdown: A Scientist managed to replicate religious experience with electromagnetic waves applied to different parts of the brain. He goes on to tell the world that this proves there is no God. It was an absolute pleasure watching the Reddit crowd blow up over this one, and to see my atheist friends post it on their Facebook walls with such grave, epitaphic solemnities as "let mankind know knowledge instead of ignorance" and "science has done it at last!" (This time it's for sure, a … [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens Is Dead…

...and the world is poorer for it. Don't get me wrong, I disagreed with him like all hell, but he managed to be the only New Atheist I could stand to listen to. His mastery of the English language was inspiring, his hard-drinking, chain-smoking personality a welcome relief from the cold, awkward, humanistic personalities of Richard Dawkins and -- Heaven help us -- Daniel Dennett.With his bitter, fiery atheism -- which never seemed to move beyond sheer dislike -- Hitchens inspired me to … [Read more...]

Everyone Should Know About This…

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Occupy Christmas

The parishoners of St Raymond Church, repping Christ like no one's business. … [Read more...]

If the Infant Christ Was God, Why Couldn’t He Speak?

There's a reason for the mummy in the manger: French artists in the 17th century were fascinated by the paradox that the Word of God was unable to speak and conveyed this tension by having the Christ not merely wrapped, but bound by his swaddling clothes, the Deity deining to be shackled, "the word within a word, unable to speak a word". This is a speechlessness worth speaking about. After all, what do we really mean when we call Christ the Word of God? What Christian insanity is this, that a wor … [Read more...]

A Gay Reader Writes…

It seems whenever we have a discussion about gay marriage (or gay-anything, really) a fairly obnoxious false dichotomy is assumed, that the evil, sodomizing, humanity-hating gays are fighting the bigoted, hate-filled, rabidly intolerant Christians. This need not be the case. For all the times this dichotomy has been perpetuated by Christians; I sincerely apologize. Though no words can heal the hurt caused by hatred and rejection, know that my daily prayers are with you. But it must also be … [Read more...]

The Only Rule Christians Must Obey

Contrary to popular belief, the problem with moral relativism is not that it allows far too much fun and annoys the hell out of the Puritans. If it were, it might be a tempting worldview, this whole what's-wrong-for-you-ain't-wrong-for-me frolic. No, the problem with moral relativism is that it takes the fun out of everything, and makes the world hellishly Puritanical.There are two ways to ruin a game. The first to add too many rules, and the second is too eliminate all of them. If a man … [Read more...]

Why Gay Marriage Is a Bad Idea

Now first off it is worth pointing out that, unlike most bad ideas, gay marriage is charged with positive emotion. This makes absolute sense, for marriage is -- to the most extent -- recognized as a beautiful good. One can understand why this video was so popular:But we all need to take a deep breath and look at the issue with a little more boredom in our hearts. The answer to this cannot be a slogan yelled to the other side. It takes some thought. In fact, if you are incapable of … [Read more...]

A Correction

On my post Two Lesbians Raised a Child and This Is What They Got... I cited a study that claimed a “disproportionate percentage—29 percent—of the adult children of homosexual parents had been specifically subjected to sexual molestation by that homosexual parent, compared to only 0.6 percent of adult children of heterosexual parents having reported sexual relations with their parent…. Having a homosexual parent(s) appears to increase the risk of incest with a parent by a factor of about 50″ (P. C … [Read more...]