Why an Ill-Timed Virus Reminded Me That My Parents are Awesome

I had really hoped that the two-week bout of sickness was the end of it, but actually it was just beginning. Luckily for us – but unluckily for them – my parents had just arrived for a much-anticipated visit when the Ogre came home from work early and collapsed in bed with a 101 fever. [Read More...]

A Better Pain/Evil Scale

On Sunday, my daughters were drawing on our erstwhile chore board. When I was mopping yesterday, I happened to notice what they had drawn. So I took a picture, because it was disturbing. The pain scale is Sienna’s creation, clearly inspired by repeated viewings of Big Hero 6 (which is my new favorite movie, btw). [Read More...]

The Whining

My family is sick. Between the hacking and the moaning — and that blond lady rocking back and forth in a corner — our house has doubled as a sanatorium for over a week. It’s terrible. If we were slightly sicker, I’d swear it was the flu, but I actually think it’s just a particularly [Read More...]

O Holy

For Lent, go read Elizabeth Duffy’s Litany of Days. O holy dishes in the sink and laundry in piles on the couch O holy kneeling to run the vacuum under the bed O holy wondering if there’s something more I should do O holy sitting in the chair not reading as intended O holy word [Read More...]

The Blood of the Martyrs, and Lent

I’m having trouble writing about anything, lately. The martyred Coptic Christians, the Jews fleeing France, ISIS trying to bring the apocalypse with more violence, more bloodshed, more death….that’s the framework for the trepidation that I’m sensing. Sensing, not feeling, because it’s not originating from within me…it seems to be everywhere, with everyone, a pervasive intuition [Read More...]

I Read The Thornbirds So You Don’t Have To

I took a week off from blogging kind of unintentionally. Actually, what happened is that my friend Anna lent me her late grandmother’s copy of The Thornbirds, since she was horrified to find that I had never read it (I’d never even heard of it till last week). I picked it up idly on Sunday [Read More...]

7 Reasons Why Bruce Jenner Can Still Be Catholic, But Kim Kardashian’s Butt Cannot

I was going to write about vaccines today, but luckily I remembered that I don’t hate myself. Instead, I went with a less controversial topic — seven reasons why Bruce Jenner can still be a Catholic now that he’s transitioning to a woman, but Kim Kardashian’s butt cannot. 1. Bruce Jenner knows that even as [Read More...]

Sex Abuse Scandals and Just Scrutiny

On Sunday, the prosecutor general of the Holy See announced that two cases of child pornography were discovered in the Vatican last year, along with numerous instances of drug trafficking and money-laundering. Unveiling the Vatican’s justice report, Milano stopped short of naming those accused of possessing child pornography. Holy See spokesman Federico Lombardi however identified [Read More...]

Quick-and-Dirty Marriage Tip Monday

So remember how the Ogre and I went to hang out with Jen and Joe for a few hours on Friday? It was totally awesome and I only stepped on her toe once, but this post isn’t about that. Here’s the picture I promised, though: This post is about how the Ogre and I have [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 It has been a kajillion years since I’ve done quick takes, so long that I had to get the new picture from Kelly since quick takes are now at This Ain’t The Lyceum. You read Kelly, don’t you? I mean, of course you do. But she’s hysterical and I love her. 6 One of [Read More...]

Listening Isn’t Hearing

Liam and Lincoln both woke up this morning with stuffy-snotty misery colds, so I cancelled our morning Trader Joe’s excursion and battened down the hatches to prepare for a sick-but-not-sick-enough-to-lay-in-sad-but-silent-misery day. After one movie, a half-hour of Legos, 20 minutes of skateboarding across the tile on their stomachs, and 1.5 hours of bickering and hitting [Read More...]

Finding Balance, or Not

Lately I’ve been really struggling to find balance in my life. Balance does not come naturally to me — it never has. I guess I have an artistic temperament or something, and I definitely have certain ADD traits like hyperfocus and its counterpart, utter disinterest. For most of my life, this just meant that I [Read More...]

Pope Francis’ Cracked Interviews

Unlike my fellow Patheosi, I did not remain cool and collected in the wake of the latest papal interview. Actually, I was pissed off, and I spent two days writing and re-writing a post that — try as I did — never evolved into anything more than a petulant rant about Pope Stupidhead Francis. Honestly, [Read More...]

How to Be a Good Wife When You Have a Feral-Child-Soul

I’m assuming you’ve all heard by now that Michael Novak has been subsumed into the Blorg. Not to toot my own horn or anything (which I am totally about to do), but that’s partially a result of the time I had Michael and his brother Ben over for dinner and served them wine in mason [Read More...]

It’s About the One, Not the Many

A few days ago Fr. Peter Daly wrote a heart-wrenching post at the National Catholic Reporter, concerning the lack of young adults attending Mass on a regular basis. But even allowing for demographics, we have a problem. We wondered what we could do. So, in the spirit of Pope Francis, we decided to ask them, [Read More...]