Lesbian Hate Crime Hoaxer Charlie Rogers Gone Missing & Other News

Today we’re going to look at the news of the day, including a story that hasn’t been covered much in the media, and that is the story of the lesbian, Charlie Rogers, who committed a hate crime against herself, whose story went international. She’s skipped jail and gone missing.

Also, an update on Randy Thomas, as he has confirmed that you can be gay and Christian and he believes that God may bless him with a partner.

And the State of the Union is tonight and one big question is whether or not he will meet with Naghmeh Abedini.

Show notes:

Blog post from Jeremy Schwab: Fighting against Self-Righteous Fundamentalism and Bigotry

Charlie Rogers, hate-crime hoaxer, a no-show for jail sentence

Mike Huckabee Reiterates Opposition To Marriage Equality: God Has Already Ruled

Fischer: You Can’t Support Gay Rights ‘And Call Yourself A Follower Of Christ’

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