The Sword of the Spirit, and other violent terms

Have you read about the new Operation “Take the Hill” at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary?

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A few Highlights:

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)–Dressed in camouflage and stationed as the gunner in a Chenowth Desert Fast Attack Vehicle, Paige Patterson stormed onto the chapel stage.

 After firing a round of blanks from a .50-caliber Browning machine gun, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s president took his place behind the pulpit and initiated operation “Taking the Hill.”

… Patterson lifted his Bible, pointing out that God has armed believers with His Word, along with prayer and proclamation. Then, reading 2 Corinthians 5, he urged believers to testify to the Gospel of Christ, reminding them of Paul’s motivation: the “terror of the Lord,” the righteous judge of all men and women, and the “love of Christ,” who died to save all who believe.

… Lifting his left hand, Patterson saw that it was covered with blood — the blood of a woman who died without hearing the Gospel although she lived less than a mile from the seminary. His right hand was covered with the blood of a man who took his own life because Patterson did not witness to him at God’s prompting.

What do you think of the use of military analogies to describe the work of the Church?

I personaly think there is some room for them, within reason, but they must be approached with caution and solemnity. This one has gone way out of bounds in my opinion.

  • Michael Shemaiah Ahielam

    When the methodology of most churches, with the the teaching of a watered down gospel, and the rampant spirit of fear that weighs us down from doing the will of God ousting our ability to act as the bearers of the kingdom, WE NEED MORE OF THIS. More people who's passion and zeal for the lord cause them to do foolish and over exaggerated things to shock people into the truth, that people are dying, and people are in hell already.

    The homeless man in Detroit is already in hell, he has to curl up in an alley somewhere and not know whether or not he'll get food the next day. Constantly bombarded by attitudes of other people which make him more likely to do drugs and get drunk. That man doesn't need to die to go to hell, he's already living in it.

    I don't necissarily agree with the whole concept, but I applaud him for doing what he felt neccisary to get people activated and stop fearing men and start fearing the lord. The fear of the lord is wisdom, thus the fear of men is utter foolishness and rebellion.