Beautiful Chaos

Worship doesn’t always go as planed Just ask the folks in the temple the day Jesus decided to show up with a whip… (John 2:13-16)

Hiccups in worship are my favorite part of a Church Service. I think it’s amazing when things go completely NOT according to plan, but wind up being perfect because of it…

I have caused quite a few hiccups. I have fallen off stages on more then one occasion. One day I forgot to bring the Power Point Slides so we had to pull them off the web in real time. In the process we had a worship service with pop up ads of girls in Bikinis going off while singing “The Wonderful Cross.” I have broken probably 100 strings on stage in my whole Career as a worship leader.

These are all technical glitches… Even better then these are spiritual glitches.

I have gone up to Preach and had a sense I was preaching the wrong thing as I got up to the Pulpit and just spoke from my heart. These are some of the best sermons I’ve ever preached.

I have seen people get up and say something during worship that has thrown all the plans out the window because it was a truth that we needed to spend some time with… Even if it came in the wrong Church Season.

These moments are powerful… One of my favorites was when Jay Bakker spoke at the St. Louis Youth Specialties conferance in 2003… If you haven’t seen it Track it down!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the following video, it’s a hiccup that I thought was pretty interesting:

Have you ever experienced Beautiful Chaos in Worship?

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