The Outlaw Preachers

I finally got around to listening to the first “Outlaw Preacher” podcast today. It came out late last month.

Who are the “Outlaw Preachers?” I’m not sure if you’ve run into them at all, but they are a new band of pastors and other Christians who have been stirring up some dust in the more wild regions of the internet. This band of “law breakers” has been causing trouble and plans on causing more.

This is a group of folks I’ve been following for a while. They’ve come under a bit of heat because of their association with Jay Bakker, a very influential and controversial Pastor.

Bakker’s ministry is grace focused and that emphasis led him to reach out to the Gay community with acceptance a few years ago. As a result of this acceptance Bakker has lost a lot of support and is now the target of a great number of “Heresy Hunters.” These “Heresy Hunters” have begun condemning anyone who is connected to Bakker by virtue of association.

I was curious about what this group is all about so I decided to find out. One of their ringleaders, Khad young, is an old friend of mine. We used to ministry together many years ago…

Last time I talked to Khad I asked him what this whole “outlaw preacher” thing was all about…

his response: GRACE

Being an “outlaw preacher” has very little to do with doctrine, and quite a bit to do with love. They belive that God loves everyone and so should we. Love is something that needs to be shown even with those we disagree with.

Take a look at to hear the first Podcast

go to and listen in on the conversation

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