For those of you who like Slam Poetry: “I’m sorry I’m a Christian”

For those of you who like Slam Poetry (with the full knowledge that some of you don’t) I thought you might like this. It’s by a young slam poet, Chris Tse.

Much of his message is needed, but I think it brings up a lot of stuff that needs to be worked through a great deal more. He’s apologizing, but in such a way that I feel he is mostly attacking the Church without engaging in the areas he’s attacking.

This isn’t wrong, in fact it’s needed. I commend Chris for a thoughtful critique, and appreciate how well crafted his delivery is.
BUT… What we as Christian’s can not do is say “Amen brother,” and leave it at that.

I’d like to hear MORE on what we can do rather then the litany of where we’ve screwed up. Whining against the Church seems to have become a mantra that is continually recited, at least in my circles. (This same tendency is what has kept me from formally associating myself with the “Emerging Church” movement over the last 7 years or so. )

The message of repentance is needed, but without being accompanied by transformation, all we become are clashing symbols or members of the bigotous crowd we condemn.

Check it out:
note: There is a little profanity I think was a poor decision on Chris’ part. It seems awkward, and isolates a good portion of the Church from really listening… Profanity is generally a cheap trick. I’ve used it enough myself to know it rarely accomplishes the end you’re looking for.

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