Varieties of Spiritual Companionship

Holy Invitations: Exploring Spiritual DirectionI ran into this chart today and I thought it could be of some help to you all. It comes from Jeannette Bakke’s Holy Invitations. For much of my Christian life I had difficulty figuring out what the difference was between the four categories below.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with these things.

How do you like how the chart frames what happens?

Varieties of Spiritual Companionship

AgendaProcessRole of HelperGoal of the Learner
Pastoral CounselingSet by CounseleeProblem solving
Crisis management
Healing of past wounds
MentoringChosen by mentor and mentee and influenced by an “external” such as a workplace or educational institutionDevelopmentCoachImprovement “like the external”
DisciplingSet by the disciplerInstructionTransmitterLearning incorporation “like the teacher”
Spiritual DirectionRevealed by the Holy SpiritNoticing
Paying attention
Imago Dei
“like God”
“like Christ”

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