My Tattoos

Alright so there is a conversation going on at r/christianity about Tattoos

A number of years ago I got a few tattoos to express my faith. I thought I would post a few pictures and explain why I got each one.

 The CHI RHO – I love this symbol it is composed of the first two letters in Greek of the word for Chris. Χριστός

It’s a translation of the hebrew word מָשִׁיחַ which means “anointed one”

 It’s on the center of my Chest to remind me of my center and my all, Jesus the Christ!


I got this cross during my second trip to Belfast. Inside the cross there are the four Hebrew Symbols that make up the name for Jesus in Hebrew.

The circle in the center is a reminder to me that God’s love is eternal

This Cross is a representation of my passion for uniting people from different Christian backgrounds together in peace.

On all my trips to Belfast I worked with Christians that were both Catholic and Protestant. We went on the streets together and asked people about what they believed. People hardly talk about their faith there, but it was good to be an example of Ecumenical cooperation.


This was my first Tattoo. It is the name Jesus in Aramaic, which is the Aramaic version of יְהוֹשֻׁעַ which means “Joshua” in Hebrew.

Joshua means “God Saves” this is exactly what happened in Jesus.

THE TRINITY / Holy Spirit

This Tattoo is my trinity tattoo, with a focus on the holy Spirit. The dove (a symbol of the Holy Spirit) is holding a Trinity Knot that has been merged with a heart. This shows God’s love that the Holy Spirit helps us know. The cross is in the background because Jesus sends the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit unites us to the Cross. The fire is a symbol of God’s presence, which is with us in the person of the Holy Spirit.


This is a fierce Lion roaring (a symbol of Christ as judge of evil). Around his head is a crown of thorns. This is a symbol of the utter humility that He endured in order to prevail against Evil.

It demonstrates the divine economy of love, rather then the human economy of acquisition.


Jesus tells his followers to consider the ravens. God provides for them so we can be sure he will provide for us.

I need this reminder every day.

There is also a Native American legend that states that the Raven turned black when it stole the Sun from the god’s through the chimney of the gods house. The Raven the placed the sun in the sky for all to see.

My raven is diving for the Chi-Rho. Jesus is the true light that I want to set before the whole world.


These remind me daily of the suffering of Christ and the martyrs.

Each one has 8 points to remind me to the Eternal love of Christ demonstrated on the cross and the eight beatitudes.

 Each cross has four sides. This reminds me of the four gospels that i am sharing to the four corners of the world.

They remind me that each suffering I face can be offered to God in love by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ

They are the tattoo I see most often.


This is the Proper Name of God in Hebrew.

It is so holy it is not pronounced. The Decalogue tells us to honor it.

Since it is on my arm I see to honor God with all  I set my hands to do, for if my arm does something dishonorable I also dishonor the name affixed to it.

Some have even argued that this word is pronounced by the sound of breathing. Therfore to live is to say the name of God, and to die is to cease to say the name of God and to Honnor the name of God is to live every breath for his glory.

I like that Idea.

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