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Theologues: Roundtable

Over the weekend a project that I have been involved with just launched. Its a webpage called “Theologues.” The goal of the page is to help bring the rich theological tradition of historic Christianity to new people, and to offer a  place for those that are seeking a connection to a deeper faith to be fed by the riches of Christian theology, liturgy, and history.

I am very excited about this project!

As part of the project we have decided to launch a podcast. We have recorded 2 episodes so far, and plan on making this a regular show. I have posted the two episodes below. Both involve me talking with some of my favorite internet theology personalities, so check them out. If you like what you hear you can subscribe

Oh…and one more thing…if you get a chance, we sure would appreciate you leaving a review of the podcast on iTunes!

EPISODE 1 – Why does theology matter?


Doctrine and theology have become controversial and unapproachable to so many Christians today and we tend to believe that only the Christian intellectual elite are capable of approaching such topics. In this inaugural episode of The Roundtable, join Zach, Brandon, Billy and Stan as we discuss the importance of theology for everyone, how it affects our worship and how we see God. Also…bathroom readers and the great state of Michigan!





The scriptures are important to most Christians around the world. In this episode, the guys discuss how we read the scriptures and grow in our understanding of them. We unpack the history of the development of scriptures and how this impacts our spiritual lives to this day. Plus, Stan sings favorite Sunday school songs for your amusement!


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